Illustration picture marine cargo insurance

This type of insurance provides cover for physical loss or damage to goods while in transit by sea, air and land in connection with import / export and domestic shipping, scope of cover includes loading and unloading, transit and delivery, trans-shipment, storage and salvage charges. Goods commonly covered under this policy are machinery, equipment, raw materials, finished goods, etc.

Covers are subject to Institute Cargo Clauses A, B & C as given by the Institute of London Underwriters. The brief coverage is as stipulated below.

Jenis Resiko

Institute Cargo Clauses




Fire, Explosion

Sunk, Stranded, Grounded, Burnt, Capsized


Derailment, Overturning

Discharge of cargo (Port of Distress)





General Average (Sacrifice)

Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Lightning

Washing Over Board

Entry of Sea River Lake




Total Loss Per Package (Loading / Unloading)

Rain and/or Fresh Water Damage (RFWD)

Sweat and Heating

Chafing and Scratching

Rats & Vermins

Theft, Pilferage and/or Non-Delivery (TPND)

Breakage, Bending and/or Denting (BBD)




Leakage and/or Shortage


Malicious Act


Ordinary leakage, loss of weight/volume, wear and tear

Delay, loss of market or consequential loss

Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation

Rusting, Oxidation, Discoloration, Contamination