Being a professional Insurance Broker, we are better qualified to provide insurance solutions and advice on technical matters.

We are the representatives of the Client by virtue of an appointment and as such, we do not only serve in our client’s best interests but would also place our client’s interest first instead of that of an insurance company. This is in contradiction to an Insurance Agent’s position, who represents their principals which are the insurance companies.

We take the initial approach of first understanding each client’s needs and exposures, through risk identification and risk quantification methods and then tailoring a specific insurance program to reduce the client’s cost of risk.
Our role is summarized as follows:

  1. Identify the client’s particular insurance needs and design the appropriate insurance programs.
  2. Understand the insurance market as well as utilize the individual strength of the insurance companies that suit the client’s needs.
  3. Design the most effective insurance cover with acceptable first class security.
  4. Ensure claim process and settlement to be handled properly.
  5. Extend services to all aspects of the client’s insurance needs, including:
    • Administration and handling of insurance documentations.
    • Identification and evaluation of risks.
    • Risk management services which include review and recommendation on risk prevention aspects.