Sonny Octavianus M

Assistant General Manager



Jayabaya University graduate Bachelor Degree

Work Experience

15 years

Language Skills

Bahasa Indonesia


Sonny Octavian began his career in the insurance field since he completed his education at the University Jayabaya Jakarta in 1997 at PT Asuransi Sinar Mas for 3 years. With considerable experience and training in the field of Marketing at PT Asuransi Sinar Mas, Octavian joined together to bring Sonny Proteksindo PT Jaya Sakti and PT Jaya helped build Proteksindo Way since its inception.

Until now Sonny Octavianus has more than 14 year career in Marketing Insurance and served as General Manager of Marketing of PT Jaya Proteksindo Way. Sonny Octavianus has excellent ability in translating aspects of risk held by the client into Insurance Program is best for the client, especially for clients with business occupancy Plantations and Industries Food and Beverage as well as other business lines.